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I love meatballs

Every time I post a meatball recipe I get such great feedback from so many of you.  They always seem to rank right up there my most popular recipes.  I guess it’s true that people really do love their meatballs.

I’ve tried to decide which I like the most and I just can’t seem to pick one.  I always seem to change my mind each time I try the next one.  My husband Eric loves anything spicy so he’s completely torn between the Buffalo Chicken Meatballs and the Asian Chicken Meatballs.  

If you’re a fan of meatballs and haven’t tried these yet, I highly recommend trying them all.  I’d love to hear from you which one you choose as your favorite.

Your favorites so far go in the following order:

Asian Chicken Meatballs

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No Bean Turkey Veggie Chili

Chili is one of my favorite things to make during the cooler months. It is easy to make and it hits the spot on these chilly nights. I made this chili without beans and loaded it with veggies instead, then topped it with guacamole and fresh cilantro. You can easily add any toppings you like.

No Bean Turkey Veggie Chili

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